Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enough is enough?

When is enough enough? That's the question I'm pondering today.
I admit it - I'm slightly obssessive when it comes to collecting. Once I get one of something, I want to find another, and another, and another..........
Witness my collection of spotted plastic bowls....70+ and still growing.
I started collecting these about 20 yerars ago, back when they were fairly common in op shops (thrift stores). As a child growing up, we had a caravan and I remember we had a red spotty bowl in it. They were very common in New Zealand in the 70's - most people had them for picnics.
Now, we've sold our house and will be moving in the next few weeks (not sure where yet) and my partner wants me to get rid of them. He's not fond of my collecting mania - that's putting it mildly....Am I slightly crazy for wanting to keep the collection together to the detriment of my relationship? What if our new house has heaps of space and room to display them? They're a lot harder to find these days so I'm unlikely to be able to replace them.

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  1. Please, Tinker - if you ever DO decide to sell any of your bowls, do think of me. I have been trying to find some of these for about 40 years! My email address is: nzfruitbat@hotmail.com.