Monday, October 31, 2011

My Bedroom - Blogtoberfest Day 22

This week over at Punky & Me I'm joining in with her My Place and Yours meme which is "Where I Sleep".
Now, my room is far to messy to show it all so I picked a very uncluttered angle for my photo. I tend to leave clothes all over the floor as my wardrobe is overflowing and the table bedside my bed has a teetering tower of books that one day may topple. This shot makes my room look like a serene refuge - which it definitely is not....


  1. Did you make that blanket?? LOVE!

    That's a much tidier angle than any I could have found in my room without the aid of photoshop!!

  2. So cool to find a tidy angle!!
    Love this shot of your room tho -
    and your blanket is very spesh!!

  3. It does indeed look serene. Love the use of creative angles!

  4. Loving the blanket. Yes those book towers can get quite tricky when one is trying to enjoy a cup of tea as well.

  5. The blanket is very special. We wouldn't have even known your room was messy if you hadn't told us, looks very tidy in the photo.

  6. Haha! Maybe I shouldn't have let on that the rest of the room was messy!No, I didn't make the blanket - it was just one of those great scores you get at the op shop every now and then...