Monday, February 13, 2012

My Place And Yours: On The Wall

I'm joining in today with Punky & Me for a My Place and Yours meme - this week it's "On The Wall".I quickly took some photos as the sun was fading but was amazed at the quality from my new camera - yay!

You may be noticing a bit of a theme in my wall decorations! Although not a practising Catholic now, I was brought up as one and the images won't leave me. I suppose it's a nostaligic thing for me but some people think it's a bit strange which I can understand but to me they're just beautiful.


  1. Hooray for a nice new camera!

    I'm not religious myself but images like those two you have there of Jesus & Mary really are beautiful & stand up as art/decoration in their own right I think.

    Thanks so much for sharing & joining in this week.

  2. It reminds me of my Auntie's house, she had all manner of things like that scattered around her little house.

  3. Thanks, Vic. Need more time to play with the camera but early results are good!

  4. These beautiful images are what made sitting through Mass every Sunday a little easier. My husband sometimes feels awkward when visitors comment on my taste in art. I also understand how they find it odd but you are right they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Julie, you are so right! Every week at mass I spent an hour staring at these kinds of images - no wonder I love them so much.