Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Weeks Finds...

I don't have a lot to show this week. A combination of being busy making stock for an upcoming market and the feeling that I'm hoarding too much stuff! I went under the house earlier in the week and was looking through some of the boxes of vintage goodies that I don't have room in my house for, but can't seem to part with and it's making me feel stressed. Don't worry, this feeling never lasts and I'll be back hoarding next week!


  1. Some gorgeous china there and I have been looking for a globe for AGES!! I know how you feel about hoarding. I have a friend at work who can be a little bit of a hoarder like me. She lends me the show 'Hoarders' on a USB for therapy. It scares me and makes me want to get rid of all of my 'stuff'. Lol

  2. i'm always on the look out for globes, yours is lovely and the plates are very pretty.

  3. I've heard about that show! I think it would be too close to the bone to watch....