Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited when I get something in a magazine, especially one as amazing as Home magazine. It's a showcase of New Zealands most inspiring architecturally designed dwellings (their words not mine!).

Anyway, if you look very closely at the bottom right hand corner of page 43 you'll see one of my Virgin Mary candles on the mantlepiece of the home of Margi and Chris Robertson of  Nom*d

Disclaimer: Ummm, I actually work for Margi and Chris and my workmates and I gave them the candle for Xmas. I'm still taking it as a win though!


  1. That is super cool! AND you work for Nom*d so you are skyrocketing up the list of coolest people I know/read blogs of. When I was a student one of my flatmates won a scholarship and blew it all on a pair of Nom*d pants - we spent ages admiring the ribbon covering the seams inside. Flashest pair of pants we'd ever seen.

    1. Haha - the label is definitely cool, I on the other hand am definitely not! Love your story about the flatmate - a great way to spend a scholarship cheque I say!