Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Weeks Finds....

It's been a frustrating week this week with illness,a broken sewing machine, bad weather and my computer had a virus to top it all off! I managed a couple of op shopping expeditions but the bill from the sewing machine repair and the computer doctor have cleaned me out so I had to be frugal.

Here's what I found...

Another cross to add to my collection...

I'm not sure exactly what this fabric would have been for? It's definitely very old (I think 1930's).

Beautiful 50's cotton floral...

craft cotton - great for lining bags etc....

embroidery transfers....

a handy Maori translation dictionary from the 60's.


  1. The purple rose fabric is fantastic. Hope next week improves for you :)

    1. Thanks, Thrift Bee! I'm sure it'll be grand - fingers crossed!

  2. Oh so in love with the rose fabric and look at that gorgeous wee bunny skipping in the transfer.
    I hope the week ahead is happy and free of monster things happening.
    Love v

    1. Thanks V! My weeks's going to be ace - hope yours is too!

  3. love that green vintage fabric :) love the cross too!

  4. Cheers! I haven't measured it yet but there must be at least 5m....It'll sit in my cupboard gathering dust - but oh well...