Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Weeks Finds....

I have lots of goodies to show you this week! I even found a new op shop - oh dear....


I love this tapestry so much that I can't bear to use it on one of my cushions so I'm going to paint the frame and put it in my daughters room!

I feel OK about using these ones - however pretty they are...

Not sure why I bought this as I'll never get around to doing it. Actually, I already have a finished and framed one of this so why do I need another one?!

The colours in this piece of Viyella are gorgeous...


When I was growing up my Dad had one of these on the back of his and mums bedroom door - I couldn't resist it!
More nostalgia! My parents had this cutlery set as their "good" cutlery. I'm presuming they got it for a wedding present. The backstamp is Rostfritt Stal.


When searching through a jar of buttons I found this name tag. You have to pity the poor girl!
Linked up with Apron Thrift Girl for thrifty finds.


  1. Great stuff! I really do like that parakeet picture. The tie rack is very cool. And that unfinished tapestry is really neat. Even undone it's cute!

  2. Love the budgies!! Wonderful finds (and a huge laugh at that name tag!)

    1. That name's just cruel! I've thought of some good nicknames for her...not sure I should share.

  3. I'm a sucker for needlework too. Finished needlework that is! By the way, "rostfritt stal" means stainless steel. I'm guessing it's Swedish.