Saturday, December 29, 2012


I hope you've all had a brilliant Xmas! The South Island of New Zealand has had beautiful, hot, sunny weather so we've been kicking back in the sunshine. My workplace has closed for 3 weeks so I have until the 14th Jan to get my huge list of chores done. One of the things on my list was to tidy up my sewing room. As Xmas approaches and I get more and more anxious about having enough stock I fail to put anything away and end up with a huge mess!
Witness below....

It's still a work in progress so I can't show you the after photo yet but hopefully it'll be transformed in the next few days.
I did find 2 boxes full of stationery, toys etc that hadn't been unpacked since we moved house nearly 2 years ago...oops! Anyway, these 2 swans were in one of the boxes so I planted some succulents from my garden in them and gave them a new home. Also, the eggcup was an op shop find a couple of weeks ago.
Happy holidays!


  1. At least you can close the door behind you Claire. Ha-ha! It looks like a room where a lot of creative stuff happens. Love the little succulents. Enjoy your holidays too.

    1. Thanks, Kylie. I keep getting waylaid by the things I find in there so it could take a long time.....