Sunday, December 30, 2012

Macrame Hanging Planter

A couple of months ago I bought a small glass bowl at the op shop for 50c. As it didn't have a base I thought it would be perfect for a macrame hanging planter. My mother taught me macrame as a child and I think I made some hideous brown hanging thing. I still remember the smell of the jute - yuk! Anyway,I had been on the look out for some coloured cord for a while and "Ta-da" the other day at Spotlight there it was...brights, neons, you get the picture.....
I think calling this macrame is slightly stretching it as it's really just a couple of knots but maybe I'll challenge myself next time!

Here's the link to the instructions I used.


  1. I remember that brown stuff too Tinker. I went to an all girls school and macrame was one of the things we learnt to do in manual arts class. It was as man-ual as we got (apart from banging nails in a bit of chipboard for string art)
    I like your version. I like simple.

  2. Cheers, Kylie! I'm having fun experimenting with new things while I'm on holiday! I can move in my sewing room now - not quite ready for the big reveal yet....