Sunday, September 8, 2013

School Fair

Yesterday was my daughters school fair and as I was on the fair committee it was a huge day. We started planning 6 months ago so to have it all done and dusted is fantastic! Earlier in the week the weather forecast wasn't good but as the week went on I felt more optimistic that it would be fine, and it was.
I didn't get a chance to take any photos but here are a few pics of what I made for the craft stall...

(My sis took this -  phew!)



 I forgot to take photos of the tooth fairy pouches which along with the animal jars were the best sellers.


  1. Yay a day at the fair.......oh I would have loved to be at it.......the jars are brilliant.
    Love V

  2. Love the jars! And the monkey in a barrel necklaces are super cute, what a neat idea!

  3. You are awesome!! Love it all.. That's funny coz my girl made herself a barrel monkey necklace a while ago!

    1. Oh cute! I have a couple left over for my nieces for Xmas and I made some more of the jars this weekend to fill with lollies for Xmas too.