Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pinata Party Time!

You know I love a challenge, right! So when I was thinking of what I could make for a friends significant birthday I thought I'd try something new. I had seen pinatas popping up on a few blogs so decided to make one.

My original idea was quite simple - a heart. But as tends to happen I thought, "That's too easy". So next thing I know I'm off to the recycling bin at the nearest stationery store scavenging for cardboard. Unfortunately I always seem to have these great ideas at night so the photos don't turn out so well.

Here's my rather abbreviated how to....

Draw your design onto cardboard (x 2) and cut a strip of cardboard about 12cm wide.

Attach the strip using tape, remembering to leave a flap at the bottom for the filling.
Cut strips of foil or crepe paper about 3cm wide and make into fringing. Using glue and working from the bottom up place the fringing so that it overlaps.
Make a hole in the top and insert a piece of cord through. I tied the cord around a small piece of stick to anchor it on the inside. 


The filling: lollies, sequins, foil glitter, buttons, toy animals and feathers plus rice and pasta for the sound effects!
Add your filling and glue up the opening.



Then smash!!!!!!


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